A Jewish boy in Bedzin
Two Jewish boys in Bedzin
A Jewish child in Bedzin
A mother and her baby in the Warsaw ghetto
A Jewish child on the "Aryan" side in Warsaw
Women and children on their way to the gas chambers
A grandmother and her grandchildren on their way to the gas chambers
Children liberated in Auschwitz camp
A six - year old boy, one of the 350 children who were freed in Buchenwald camp.
Children listening to a violinist playing in Westerbork camp
Children in a convent in Belgium
A Jewish child from Macedonia
Janusz Korczak with his orphans in the orphanage
The girls' dormitory in Korczak's orphanage on Krochmalna St.
The bathroom in Korczak's orphanage in Warsaw
A girl from the Theresienstadt ghetto who was put on one of the transports to Auschwitz camp
Two Jewish girls in Poland
A Hannukah party and candle lighting at the children's home
A boy sitting on his suitcase
A girl helping her friend get dressed in a children's home in East Berlin.
Starved Children in Amsterdam
The killing of children in Bethlehem
Babies transported to the Crematorium
A Child in his Bed
Young Woman with Kerchief
S.S. Soldier throwing a baby into the fire
The last nursing
German Soldiers beat Jewish forced labor workers
A boy trying to sow wood
A portrait of a child from Vilnius ghetto
German Officer