Initial Anti - Jewish Measures

August 8, 1920 -
the founding of the nazi party (N.S.D.A.P.)

November, 1925 -
the Establishment of the S.S. ideological Elite of the Nazi party.

July 31, 1932 -
The Nazi party gets in the election 230 votes out of 608.

January 30, 1933 -
Adolf Hitler is appointed by Marshal Heidenburg the Chancellor of Germany.

February 27, 1933 -
The burning of the Reichstag building.

March 5, 1933 -
Last elections in Germany. The Nazi party gets 44% of the vote.

March 20, 1933 -
Nazi regime establishes Dachau, the first in a network of concentration camps for political opponents.

April 1, 1933 -
The Nazi Party calls for a one-day boycott of Jewish-owned shops and businesses.

April 7, 1933 -
The German government begins dismissing Jews from the civil service, health service and courts.
May 10, 1933 -
German students in Berlin burn books by Jews and other "undesirable" authors.

August2, 1934 -
Heidenburg dies; Hitler takes all state power in his hands.

March 16, 1935 -
Germany breaks the Versai accord and reestablishes its army.

April, 1935 -
Nazis outlaw and arrest many Jehovah's Witnesses. In June, they toughen existing laws against homosexuals, bringing persecution and imprisonment.

September 15, 1935 -
The harsh, anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws, enacted at a Nazi Party rally, strip Jews of their German citizenship and forbid them to marry people of "German blood."