Jewish Armed Resistance

January 1, 1942 -
Abba Kovner calls for armed resistance in the Vilna Ghetto,

January 21, 1942 -
Abba Kovner leads the first Jewish fighting force, the United Partisan Organization (P.P.O.).

March, 1942 -
First partisan groups formed in the Minsk ghetto.

May 8, 1942 -
Tuvia Bielski encourages entire families to escape from ghettos and join his fighters in Belorussia. His Family Camps ultimately draw 1,230 men, women and children.

July 28, 1942 -
The Jewish Fighting Organization (J.O.B.) formed in Warsaw.

September, 1942 -
The establishment of the National Jewish Committee in Warsaw.

December 5, 1942 -
Dr. Yehezkel Atlas, the founder and commander of a Jewish partisan unite falls in a battle with Germans.

December 22 -
The Jewish fighting Organization attacks German officers in cafes in Krakov (the Zigeneria caf?)
January 18, 1943 -
Jewish underground youth groups unite to start the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. One day fighting, the first civilian armed resistance in any Nazi-occupied city. He Germans stop the act of deportation.

April 19 - May 16, 1943 -
On the eve of Passover the Germans start the final phase of the deportation of the remaining Jews in Warsaw. Jews remain in their hiding places, as they already know where the Germans are sending them. The Jewish armed underground unites fight back for days and weeks until they killed. A few fighters escaped to the Arian side of the city through the sewage tunnels..

April 20, 1943 -
The first Jewish partisan group leaves the Vilnius to the forests.

May 8, 1943 -
The Germans discover and destroy the bunker of Mila 18, the central hiding place of the Warsaw ghetto underground; Death of Mordechai Anilevitz, the commander of the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

August 2, 1943 -
Jews in the Treblinka death camp revolt, using stolen SS arms. Many prisoners flee.

August 16-20, 1943 -
The Bialystok Ghetto uprising.

November 23, 1943 -
The first Jewish partisan group is leaving the Kovno ghetto to the forest.

August 1 - September 2, 1944 -
The remaining of the Warsaw ghetto underground fight in the Polish uprising against the Germans.

March-September, 1944 -
Jewish parachutists from Palestine jump behind the German lines. On November 7, 1944, Hannah Senesh was shot in Budapest.