June 24, 1941 -
Germans arriving in Kovno, Lithuania find that locals have already launched brutal massacres of Kovno's Jews. The SS recruits many to assist their killing units.

June 26, 1941 -
Croatia, a Nazi puppet state, orders 40,000 Croatian Jews put in camps. Two-thirds are imprisoned and killed.

June 28-29, 1941 -
A Romanian pogrom in Iasi kills nearly 10,000 Jews. A few months later, Romania initiates the deportation of 150,000 Jews to camps in Transnistria where 90,000 die.

June 23, 1942 -
Slovakia agrees to pay the Nazis a bounty of 500 marks per Jew to deport all Slovakian Jews.

July 16, 1942 -
Acting on Nazi orders, French police arrest nearly 13,000 Jews in Paris, cramming them into a sports arena - the first stop on their way to Auschwitz