The Search for Justice

November 20, 1945 -
An International Military Tribunal convenes in Nuremberg, Germany, to try 22 Nazi leaders for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

December 8, 1946 -
April 11, 1949 - An American military court in Nuremberg tries 177 people, including industrialists who used slave labor and doctors who took part in Nazi euthanasia programs.

April 10, 1961 -
Israelis capture Adolf Eichmann, who had been smuggled into Argentina by Vatican officials. A court in Jerusalem tries and convicts the high ranking Nazi, sentencing him to death.

September 4, 1979 -
The United States, setting an example for other nations, opens on Office of Special Investigations to prosecute Nazis accused of hiding their past to enter the country.

May 11 - July 4, 1987 -
Klaus Barbie, former Gestapo chief in Lyons, France is put on trial. Accused of deporting Jews, including 44 Jewish children, Barbie is sentenced to life in prison.