Essential Needs for the Success of the Project in the Participating Schools

The book-sharing project is complex and requires the combination of a number of factors and resources in the school. In order to guarantee the successful implementation of the project, it is very important that the school is suitably organized, including a functioning system for Internet communication and the allocation of time for the project, for teachers and students.

The following are the necessary conditions for carrying out the project:
  1. Choosing and training of the necessary staff
  2. Preparation for the students' work
  3. Technological components necessary for carrying out the project
  4. Budget

1. Training of Staff
Israeli teachers leading the program are invited to take part in a year long study course that will take place in Yad Layeled (recognized for credit by the Ministry of Education). This study course will provide a support group for the entire period.
Overseas teachers will have workshops and support from our Yad Layeled staff.
The principal of the school will appoint a teacher responsible for the project, and to him/her will be added, wherever possible, a computer person, an English teacher and a literature teacher. The teacher responsible for the project must be able to read and write English.
A meeting for the project team should made available weekly.

2. Preparing for the Students' Work on the Project
Deciding which classes will participate in the project. We recommend starting with one computerized class and gradually expanding.
Allocating a school day and a budget for an exposure visit to Yad Layeled Museum or a local museum, that will include activities and workshops.For Israeli schools the visit to Yad Layeled should be arranged as soon as possible.
The project should be inserted into the program of one of the relevant existing subjects: literature, history, English, computers, social lesson with the class teacher. We recommend that it be given 2 lessons a week.
The school will buy books in coordination with Yad Layeled.

3.  Technological Tools necessary for Carrying Out the Project
A computer connected to the Internet with the possibility of sending and receiving e-mail.
The coordinating teachers should have the possibility of overseas communication via telephone and fax.
The project coordinator will have a personal e-mail address. He/she should also have access to the Internet at home.
Basic technical training for the students and teachers take part in the project. (The teachers and students must be able to use Word word-processing program, Internet Explorer and an e-mail program.)

4.  Costs/Participation Fee
The project has expenses entailed from the construction and implementation of the program by the Yad Layeled staff; coordination between schools; development of a teacher's guide; constructing and operating a computerized work environment; Internet communication; visiting schools and accompanying teachers in Israel and abroad; educational criticism, consultation and correspondence. As a result participating in the project requires a fee.
Cost for a non-Israeli school participating in the 1999/2000 school year: $1,500 Continuing school: $750 (The fees for schools in Israel are subsidized.)
Payment includes one workshop for the teachers at the overseas school with Yad Layeled staff member.
Cost of the book The Sandgame: $5
There may be changes in the prices listed above.

Additional Information
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