The encounter with the Holocaust brings about various responses on the part of students. There are those who respond with fear and anxiety and there are those who are very curious, with a thirst for knowledge. In the learning process we combine thought, emotions, imagination, creativity and moral values. The purpose of the gallery is to encourage the students to express their feelings and thoughts through art and writing and to display the fruit of their labors in the gallery.

The gallery has two halls.The first hall is for the exhibition of works by students who visited Yad Layeled museum and took part in the educational programs.The second gallery is for the exhibition of the works of students participating in the book-sharing project through the international school of Yad Layeled.

To enter the gallery halls and to send works to the gallery press on:
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The gallery is operated by the workshops staff of Yad Layeled, Ghetto Fighters' House Museum.
You can contact the Yad Layeled staff at Tel: 972-4-9958044/45 or by e-mail at

Works can be sent to the gallery as an attachment to e-mail, preferably in jpeg format and no larger than 50kb. The gallery will accept works by students who visited Yad Layeled or who are participating in the book-sharing project.