In this workshop you will find a variety of information on the history of the Jewish people in the Holocaust during World War II. You are invited to begin a personal or group journey of research and study. (It may be that the Hebrew Historian workshop will include different materials that were not yet translated into English)

What you will find in the workshop:
Historical data on the period - Sara Neshamit Shner's book The Struggle of the Ghetto. (Right now in Hebrew only)
List of dates.
Holocaust Glossary.
Collection of important documents from the war period. Some of the documents will be difficult to read because of the hard-to-bear facts described in them! (Under work).
Testimonies of survivors who were children during the Holocaust.
Picture album of art and photographs of children in the Holocaust.
* Some of the pictures may be difficult to look at!
List of recommended fictional works about children in the Holocaust.
A select list of sites on the Holocaust on the Internet.