Program Components

Presentation of the program to the schools before the start of the school year, adjusting expectations, inclusion of the program in the school curriculum and defining a timetable.
Defining a "work contract" for the project with the school administration and arranging funding.
Setting up a multi-disciplinary team of teachers and determining the teacher who will be in charge of the whole project, the teacher in charge of the technical aspects and an English teacher (in Israel).
The teachers of both schools get to know each other and agree on work methods (via regular mail or e-mail). The cultural differences and different work methods of the two sides must be taken into account.
A study course for Israeli teachers participating in the project in order to deepen their knowledge of the program contents and its pedagogical and technical aspects.
A concentrated 1-3 day study course for teachers from other countries taking part in the project. Students in Israel will have an opening visit to Yad Layeled, and students in other countries will have another opening event, preferably in a Holocaust museum.
The students get in touch and get to know each other via personal and group identity papers that they create and send to their oversees partners via the school computers, fax or regular mail.
Reading one of Uri Orlev's books: The Island on Bird Street or The Sandgame (The Sandgame can be purchased from Yad Layeled in Hebrew and English). It is possible to choose any other book that deals with Jewish children during the Holocaust. The reading will take place simultaneously in both schools. Suggestions for working on the book in the classroom in creative ways are found in the teacher's guide.
Selecting excerpts from the book and a discussion of the selected excerpts, questions, dilemmas or other thoughts that came up from the reading, via the Internet.
Educated use of e-mail and other forums offered by the Virtual School in order to get to know one another and to enrich the learning experience.
Production of a joint group project through various means (from a regular typed paper up to a multimedia display or a section on an Internet site) by the international sub-groups.
Display of the group projects in the school for Holocaust Memorial Day. Whenever possible the projects will also be displayed in Yad Layeled.
Possibility - A summing up encounter with the author at Yad Layeled for students from Israel, If students from abroad should come to Israel this option will also be offered to them.
Possibility - A meeting in the summer between the students from Israel and those from abroad at Yad Layeled. If possible, also in the homes of the Israeli students.