What you will find in the school
Information on the two programs "Children of the World Learn about Children" and "Confronting Evil in Our Time"(in Hebrew- Ani Adam), a list of recommended books and registration forms.
Students Workshop
Forums for exchanging ideas and information on the books, which are at the center of the program.
Entry to the Students Workshop is via a password that is given only to the program participants.
Teachers Workshop
Contact pages, forums for exchanging ideas among teachers, a notice board and suggestions for learning activities. Entry to the Teachers Workshop is via a password that is given only to the participating teachers.
History Workshop
Extensive information on the Holocaust period, dates, historical terms, testimonies of Holocaust survivors who were children during the Holocaust, a data bank of artwork and photographs of children from the Holocaust period, a list of books to read, referrals to Internet sites, etc. Here you can begin your research of the period and its difficult events.
Display of works by students who visited a museum as well as works by students of the international school and the study programs it operates. The gallery is open to all.
School e-mail - Communication to the administration of the school
Tel: 972-4-9958044/45, Fax: 972-4-9958-47
Address: Janusz Korczak Virtual School - Yad Layeled, Ghetto Fighters' House, M.P. Western Galilee, 25220, Israel.
The school carries on the legacy of the educator and children's writer Janusz Korczak (Henryk Goldszmit). Janusz Korczak devoted his life to children and to improving the world through education. Respect for the child as a person is the central theme of his educational writings. In August 1942 he accompanied the children of his orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka extermination camp.

This school is the continuation of Janusz Korczak Elementary School that existed for many years in Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot.

The program "Children of the World Learn about Children" is run by the staff of Yad Layeled, the children's museum at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum. Yad Layeled was built to commemorate the million and a half Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust. The story of the Jewish child is presented to children and adults via a unique museum and a variety of study programs. In the Yad Layeled Internet site you will find information on the activities of Yad Layeled, access to exhibitions and contact with the museum staff.

The program "Confronting Evil in Our Time" (in Hebrew-"Ani Adam ")- is run by the educational staff of The Ghetto Fighters' House Museum. The Ghetto Fighters' House Museum is a museum and educational center commemorating the fate of the Jewish people in the Holocaust. The web site includes information on its activities, details of exhibitions, access to the library and the archives, access to hundreds of similar sites in the world and access to a computerized data bank with thousands of items pertaining to the Holocaust period.

Thanks - This program was implemented through the assistance and loyal support of the Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' Museum all over the world.