Sandgame Excerpts
A. Selections from the "The Sandgame" that relate to Growing Up
Taking responsibility for Mrs. Lachover's baby:
Flight to the world of fantasy but being aware that it's fantasy:
Encountering the death of beloved figures:
The need to write a diary and poems:
The need to control younger siblings and the world in general:

B. Selections from the Book "The Sandgame" That Deal with the Subject of "Jewish Identity"
"What is a Jew?"
"What does a Jew look like?"
"Who am I?"
"The Jews crucified our Lord"
"In what way am I different from them?"
"Jews don't come to school"

C. Sections from the Book "The Sandgame" Dealing with "The Game as a Way to Cope"
A game with bedbugs:
The cars game and the ranks game:
Wars with toy soldiers:
The Commands Game:
The war game:
The fleas game:
The touching game:
The dream about the emperor of China: