My name is Deborah Ben Yehuda-Pollak, I was born in Theresienstadt on February 23rd, 1943. My parents were deported to Theresienstadt in 1942 from Munich. My father was a 1st World War veteran, handicapped, and my mother was pregnant with me. She gave birth in the camp as she told me she was... assisted by friends, and for the two years and two months we were in the camp (we were released in May 1945) she watched over me all the time, fearing the Germans would catch and naturally kill me. From her stories, I know she hid me in sacks, if she had any, or in suitcases and took me along to her workplaces, a sewing workshop in the Ghetto.
We were liberated in May 1945. Saved by Russians, and my parents returned to Germany, for they were born German, to see whether anyone from the family was saved. We went to Wuerzburg and my mother started looking for means to make a living. My father was a war veteran and he used to get a pension from which we lived. In Wuerzburg there were American military camps with plenty of allied soldiers ad Jewish soldiers who helped us with food and with things we could sell in the black market and this made thing easier. My mother wanted to go to the States but she got a hear disease because of what she went through in the camp and she died on November 13, 1950. The Red Cross sent me to recover in Switzerland and I was there tree months, I don't remember when exactly. Apparently I was in a bad shape of malnutrition. I also know, by the reparations I got from Germany, that I was hospitalized many times because of diseases as a result of the camp. When my mother passes away in 1950 my father sent me to relatives I Basel where I lived and went to school for a year, and after a year I went back to Germany, because thing did not work out as planned. With help from Israelis, especially one of them, Eldad, of blessed memory, I immigrated to Israel through Youth Aliya. Separation was really hard, but necessary. There was no future in Germany for Jewish youth or for a nine or ten-year-old girl like me.