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New Message saionara, good by, lehitraot, salamat, adios amigos crazy chimp 05/05/03
New Message harry potter crazy sad happy bad mad stupid monkeyz 24/02/03
Reply To Message we are to sad to rite): ): ): ): very very very very very very sad monkeyz 10/03/03
Reply To Message na uh crazy monkeys 10/03/03
Reply To Message Hey Kids! Psychotic Polka Dancers 12/03/03
Reply To Message hi----------------------------------bye-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------hi-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------bye-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------see you soon-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------bye for the last time-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------so bye-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------i said bye-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------bye------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (-: ----------- Ofir, uvalpolkadance, avivlovedad 26/03/03
Reply To Message az lama lo col yom shabat? letter atach ofir, yuval, aviv, litlle tiny raz. 26/03/03
Reply To Message Holocaust Museum Phsycotic Polka Dancers 04/04/03
Reply To Message Hey there you crazy monkeys!!!! Psychotic Polka Dancers 27/03/03
New Message picture crazy monkey 09/02/03
New Message Poor Monkeys! psychotic polka dancers 07/02/03
Reply To Message shalom aleichem Monkey bisquit 10/02/03
New Message aaaawwwwwwww sad monkeys 03/02/03
New Message yello crazy monkey 29/01/03
New Message crazy Crazy Monkey 18/11/02
Reply To Message HI!! Psychotic Polka Dancers 04/12/02
Reply To Message We like to dans polka too (-: Ofir Lee Aviv Raz (Crazy Monkey) 09/12/02
Reply To Message Hey Boys!! psychotic polka dancers 19/12/02
Reply To Message hi P.D.C.C.dwarfpuff 23/12/02
Reply To Message Hi Girls (-; SHALOM Ofir,Lee,Raz,Aviv 23/12/02

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