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New Message The Treatment of The Germans to The Jews Lena 27/05/03
New Message Decline in Elie's belief in God Dina 17/05/03
New Message Short Summary about the book. Liora 14/05/03
New Message the end of the book zorik & lena 13/05/03
New Message The Holocoast Itzik and Michael 13/05/03
New Message to Hanah ana yaskin 13/05/03
New Message the end Arnold 13/05/03
New Message Last chapter the end!!! Charles 03/05/03
New Message the end..... SamNAng 23/04/03
Reply To Message My final letter for this project.. Diana 13/05/03
New Message The end of Night Hannah 21/04/03
Reply To Message Hannah............. Svetlana 03/05/03
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