How to study quickly and transform your brain with the engine of a Panda, in a Ferrari

As a teenager, I was often thinking of robots while I was at school. Not the robots of cartoons with laser beams coming out of the eyes and the space halberds, but I imagined myself as a robot.


Well, after installing the first programs or games on a computer, a fantasy was born in me that I think belonged to many students.

How nice it would be to learn all those boring things that teach us at school, just by inserting a disk with the data inside our head and install everything in a matter of minutes?

Or it would not be bad at all to at least be able to read quickly as the robot of this film:

Unfortunately, we are not robots, reading and learning something takes time, so as a kid, past that moment of fantasy, sadly I came home to learn by memory unnecessary poems.

I bet you even got some fantasy like that, right? Can you imagine, during the intense moments of study, how nice it would be to have a USB input in the head to put in a moment all that information in the brain?

Sometimes, in desperation, you actually try to actually do it through alternative methods.

I refer to those moments when after a whole night spent studying, you begin to take the book in the vain hope that by osmosis some piece of information can penetrate your skull and sneak into your brain.

And instead you only get a headache and the mold of the high-quality still fresh on your forehead.

I understand how tempting the idea is to be able to learn quickly as a super computer or to be a superhero like a flash capable of reading an entire book in a few seconds … but unfortunately this will never happen.

In any case, do not despair.

Our brain is not bad and you can learn how to study quickly.

But first you have to ask yourself a question. Faster than what?

Because if you want to read fast as flash or memorize the divine comedy in 5 minutes as if I installed a program on your computer, I'm sorry, the thing can not be done.

If instead you are content to get to study in half the time compared to now, then I can tell you how to do it.

"In half the time ?! Is there a kind to sell your soul? Because I'm here, Max tell me where I have to sign! "

Ahah calmly, in the next lines I will explain everything, including the secret that will allow you to study faster and even in half the time

We start from an assumption, our brain is extraordinary. Much more than you can think of. It will not be able to perform certain functions as quickly as a computer does, but still has many advantages, just to give an example, it has much more memory.

The potential of your brain is huge and it would be able to store information much faster if you only knew how to use it in the right way.

And I repeat the concept: if only I knew how to use it in the right way …

In fact, at this moment you are absolutely not studying at full speed. You think you have reached your limit but it is not so, or rather you have reached a limit not absolute, imposed by the method of study that was taught to you during the school.

It is the method of study that you use to establish the maximum speed you can reach in the study.

Unfortunately, the way you study that you know, what you learned in elementary and then consolidated in middle school and high school really sucks.

I do not even want to find a more kind or high-sounding term to express my thoughts. If I have to be 100% honest with you, the method of study that you have been taught in years is just disgusting.

If I had to make a comparison I could tell you that your brain could travel in Ferrari but have taught you to carry it around with a panda model shack completely battered and that threatens to lose the muffler to the next.

Because? Why does not the study method you know absolutely do well and make you slow?

The answer is very simple. Our brain works in a certain way and if we want to achieve results worthy of note then we must follow specific rules in learning.

Let's say I could compare the thing to car fuel.

Your brain would be on petrol, but you're putting it in the water and sand tank.

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