How to study: study method for school and university

Before approaching the study of any type of subject, it is good to understand how to study , or what method  of study to use to memorize and understand information in an efficient way. Although many think that this passage is superfluous, it turns out to be, instead, of fundamental importance and too often, does not receive the due attention. For this reason we now try to provide all the necessary information to understand how to study any subject well and effectively .

First of all, we need to distinguish between the practical and the more mnemonic concepts from the beginning . Obviously in situations where the reasoning is fundamental, we need to approach the study with a greater knowledge of the basics of the subject. These will allow the student to be able to make the right reasoning and to know how to connect the various topics to each other. In this type of subjects, in fact, it is fundamental to understand the basic connections in order to develop increasingly complex subjects.

A classic example of this is provided by mathematics, or in any case by all those subjects that use formulas pertaining to this conceptual sphere . If the study has to be more mnemonic , instead, as for example for the juridical subjects , it will not be fundamental to know already the bases even if, obviously, they would furnish a deeper knowledge.

How to study well, best method of study

Understanding how to study well is also essential when you decide to get to know a discipline. If you prepare a university exam, for example, you need to know all the concepts related to the study plan very thoroughly. This allows the student to make his own reflections on what he has learned and also allows him to reason more fully and to have a more effective method of study .

For this reason, understanding how to study well is useful when you are preparing to be evaluated. In fact, their preparation is often overestimated by the students. Repeating independently, in fact, could forge the perception of the knowledge that is on the subject. When someone else has to evaluate us , instead, the real level of learning reached is out.

To study really well it is therefore essential to understand the links between the various topics. For many subjects it turns out to be really useful the autonomous production of quite detailed summaries. With written production, in fact, we tend to fix the concepts well in our mind, but we must be very careful when selecting the information to be written. In fact, a selection that is too small could lead the student not to have enough knowledge on all the subjects he deals with.

Synthesizing well is not, therefore, very easy but, certainly, it is very useful when you have to study a subject well. A little trick to help you: when you study you must always repeat the concepts aloud , this method of study will make you more confident in the show and will help you make a good impression in front of the teachers. Trust me!

How to study quickly: read and underline

When trying to understand how to study quickly , it is done for two possible reasons. Either if it is not possible to have a lot of time available, or you are in the situation of not having many topics to learn and you are convinced that not enough time is enough.

Let's analyze the first situation because it certainly arouses much more interest. When you have little time you need to understand how to study quickly, but to do this you often forget that you still have an acceptable level of preparation. Speed, therefore, does not necessarily need to replace the quality of one's learning.

In this case it is inconvenient to summarize the concepts to be learned, as this process takes a very long time and it would not even be effective. For this reason it is much more important to read a book several times and, at most, to underline the fundamental parts. In a second moment it will be possible to reread only the underlined text, reducing the learning time but keeping all the information necessary to understand the topic well.

In the case where the matter is purely practical, it is also possible to read the theoretical part quicklyand then concentrate only on the exercises. With this method of study you will learn well how to perform the main problems you might encounter.

How to memorize quickly

To understand how to memorize information quickly , we often refer to one of the most known and effective methods, or repeat what you read aloud . Although this is certainly one of the best ways to test one's level of learning, it is often not advisable when time is very low. In the most extreme cases, in fact, it is preferable to read and repeat the information fairly quickly .

To do this you can opt for a mental repetition , where the student tries to understand if he really is able to provide all the basic information. If you are not completely successful in the operation, you can also peek at some details from your book. This practice is not really so bad, because the student will tend to learn the basic concepts and also to remember something additional. In this way it is possible to quickly memorize even quite large subjects. Certainly the preparation will not be exemplary but in many cases it is still sufficient to obtain the desired results.

How to study at university well

When you finish high school, your life as a student takes a different turn. To understand how to study at the university it is necessary to start from a different point of view. In this case the lessons given by the professors take on considerable importance . Although very often there is no compulsory attendance, participating regularly in explanations in the classroom is very important to be able to pass the exams without much difficulty.

The subjects dealt with will always be very large and, therefore, an important workload will be necessary, but lessons are a very fundamental tool . Another very important tool is to prepare progressively even during the months of lessons. Although the exams are concentrated only in some months of the year, in fact, if the student is able to maintain a certain level of study throughout the year, his preparation will be more complete. In this way it will also be much simpler to be able to complete all the exams in the semester.

If you reduce yourself to the last moment to study , in fact, you risk having too much work to do in too little time and this would be affected by the quality of the study . If you are able to stay in balance even from the first year of university, however, it will be much easier to maintain this pace in the following years.

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