Welcome to the Janusz Korczak International School

The Janusz Korczak International School was founded by the Ghetto Fighters' Museum and its Yad Layeled Children's Museum. Here you will find information about the Ghetto Fighters' Museum's online programs that deal with the Holocaust and the experiences of the Jewish children who lived through it.

The central project of the school is an International Book Sharing Project for students from Israel and other countries. The Book-Sharing Project has been tailored for two age groups: middle school and high school. The middle school project is entitled "Children of the World Learn about Children", and the high school project is called "Confronting Evil in Our time" (in Hebrew "Ani Adam").

The International Book-Sharing Project is an international cooperative learning about the Shoah (Holocaust) and its meaning for youth today. Israeli schools and schools from other countries are paired together. Students in the partner schools read the same book in their respective classrooms and then discuss subjects related to the Holocaust via Internet communication. The Janusz Korczak International School provides a forum for students and teachers participating in this program to communicate their thoughts as they complete the curriculum.

For additional information on the Korczak International School, or to join the Book-Sharing Project, press here.

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